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Metal Machining

Small Manufacturing is the leader in metal machining in Melbourne.

Contact us for various services in metal part fabrication, welding and specialist repairs.

Steel and Metal Fabricators

Small Manufacturing is your local steel and metal fabricator. With years of experience in the field, we have mastered and adopted new techniques for shaping and working metal parts.

Today, most of our work is done using the most advanced technology, like CNC milling machines, to guarantee accuracy and your satisfaction.

Visit our milling machine centre for rigorous, precise and standard metal works!

High-standard processes and reliable services

Metal Machining Victoria
Metal Machining  Melbourne

Our CNC Equipment

Small Manufacturing uses the best computer control equipment to fabricate metal tools. You can expect quick and flexible manufacturing processes with a broad line of machine tools and accessories that are able to support multiple applications.

Our machines include a 4 axis VMC with a full 20-tool capacity and a working area of 650, 410 and 410 mm respectively. We also utilise a 2 axis lathe with 8 tools and a working area of 210 and 650 mm.

The most advanced CNC technology


Why Choose Us?

  • Over 33 years of experience
  • Tackles the most difficult jobs
  • Exceptional skills
  • Listens to clients' needs
  • Meticulous
  • General machining works

Let the experts handle all of your metal works.